Orchestra Polo Shirt
Polos are required this year for less formal events such as the Duluth Fall Festival parade.
$25 + PayPal fee

Student Name

Tuxedo Package Purchase
Tuxedos are required this year.
Tuxedo package includes: jacket, pants, shirt, bow tie, and cummerbund.
Measurements will be done at school.
$120 + PayPal fee

Student Name
Student Name
Student Name


If you are able, please donate to our 501c3 to help continue our programs this year.

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Instrument Maintenance Fee Annual
Required for all students using a school instrument.
$60 + PayPal fee

Dues, Fees & Uniform Orders

Student Dues for 2021-2022
Required for all students.
$70 + PayPal fee

Orchestra Gowns
Orchestra gowns are required this year.
Sample gowns at school will be used for determining the student's correct gown size.
$65 + PayPal fee